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For some a smile is just a smile but if you really think about it, our smiles are one of the first things people see when looking at us, and truly, they say a lot. Smiling is one of the most common ways to express your emotions, personality, and your attitude on any given day. If you smile often others will perceive you as someone who is happy, confident, and easily approachable. If you’re one to not smile, then others will think just the opposite. If you aren’t happy with your smile maybe you should visit Dr. Dan Matthews.

But what if you’re someone who doesn’t smile because you’re uncomfortable with your teeth? Are you hiding your smile because of how your teeth look? With the right Austin dentist you’ll never have to hide your smile again! Book your consultation online!

Life Is Too Short Not To Smile

While the celebrities on television and in the magazines may have smiles that seem to pop and shine like no other, the fact is that no one is born with a perfect smile. All smiles are flawed but with a cosmetic dentist these imperfections can be fixed and your smile can be perfected. From the smallest problem, such as tooth discoloration, to a more severe condition such as extremely damaged or even missing teeth, cosmetic dentistry can help. Patients often rely on a Dr. Dan Matthews to revamp and reconstruct their smiles into ones that catch plenty of eyes.

To perfect your smile, you can rely on Dr. Matthews for a variety of cosmetic dentistry procedures including teeth whitening, smile makeovers, porcelain veneers, Invisalign, The Denture Fountain of Youth™ and many others.

More than an Austin Cosmetic Dentist

As a patient it’s important to remember that a Dr. Matthews can offer treatment for both practical and aesthetic reasons. For some, dental implants are needed to help with eating and chewing properly but at the same time dental implants will also enhance the smile. When completing all cosmetic dentistry procedures, Austin dentist Dr. Matthews keeps neuromuscular dentistry techniques in mind to ensure that his patients are completely satisfied with their smile.

Dr. Matthews also provides treatment for snoring, sleep apnea, and TMJ at his dental office in Austin.

Smile – It Increases Your Face Value

cosmetic dentist Austin TXNo matter if you want to completely revamp your smile with porcelain veneers or if you need an in-office, one-hour teeth whitening session with a cosmetic dentist Austin, you can count on Dr. Matthews as your go-to cosmetic dentist in Austin. You will love your smile when you walk out of our office doors. We will work with you to ensure that your smile achieves your aesthetic goals while also functioning well. With Dr. Matthews’ extensive dental experience, you can trust him to take your smile from flawed to flawless. If you’re in the Austin area and are in need of a cosmetic dentist Austin, call us! Patients can reach us at (512) 452-2273 or contact us online. Schedule an appointment and be on your way to a much improved smile.

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