3D Printing Your Braces is Dangerous

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3D printing technology has been successfully used to create simple parts and prototypes as well as more complicated creations including airplane parts and even medical implants. There is no denying that 3D printing technology which is also known as additive manufacturing definitely offers stellar breakthrough potential in a number of areas.
But what about using 3D printing technology for the purpose of printing Invisalign braces? Can these braces be effective in correcting crooked teeth?

3D Printing Braces – The Back Story

It all started with Amos Dudley, a digital design student from New Jersey. As a kid Dudley had braces but he ended up with a crooked smile primarily because he failed to maintain his braces. Dudley couldn’t afford more orthodontic work because of the high costs involved.

Instead, he decided to make good use of digital fabrication tools available at his university to create an aligner for his crooked teeth. A lot of research went into the process covering everything from in-depth understanding of the dental process, the material to be used, as well as accurately calculating the distance a teeth can travel per aligner without the risk of them intersecting with each other.

While the results seemed to work in Dudley’s favor and he does seem very happy, he does not openly recommend the process for anyone else.

Risks Involved in Using 3D Printing Technology for Braces

Dental experts are of the collective opinion that DIY plastic aligners is dangerous and involves several risks in addition to being a highly complicated dental procedure.
Orthodontists need to study dental processes and treatment over a period of ten years before they can actually start practicing. In fact, The American Association of Orthodontists strongly advises against any DIY dentistry specifically because of the potential dental and medical health risks involved.

Top 3 Reasons to Avoid 3D Printing Your Braces

• The process of creating Invisalign aligners requires professional expertise and a thorough understanding of dentistry.

• Dentists always carry out an assessment of the health and condition of your teeth prior to any dental procedure. This is crucial to the success of any dental procedure. This is completely missing in a DIY dental procedure.

• The biggest risk however, lies in the fact that with 3D printing your braces can lead to change or damage that is permanent in nature. This means any correction or health risk occurring due to this cannot be reversed even by dental professionals at a later stage.

Professional Work over Dental DIY Projects

A dentist will first start with creating molds and scans of your teeth. Next he will create a series of custom-made

aligners which help in moving your teeth in a particular path. In each stage, specific teeth move due to the force placed on them via the tray. This movement of teeth is controlled and planned in a specific route by the dentist.
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