5 Awesome Gadgets That Also Brush Your Teeth

The very first known toothbrush was made in 3000 BC and more or less worked the same way as our conventional, modern toothbrushes work today. So one could assume that it’s a fairly basic, universal concept that has pretty much gone unchanged in modern dentistry. Well, that assumption would be wrong.

As leaps and innovations are made in science and technology, these new concepts change the way we do everything. If you don’t believe it, ask yourself how often you actually hand write a letter to a friend, put it in an envelope and send it in the mail. Well, it’s no different for the toothbrush. So, here’s a list of 5 unique and inventive toothbrush designs you can use to keep your smile white.

The Solar Powered Paste-less Brush

solar-powered-toothbrushThe solar powered paste-less brush, as the name implies, does not require toothpaste. Instead, it utilizes a solar panel on the bottom of the brush that sends electrons to the bristle end. These electrons actually react to acid in your mouth which in turn creates a chemical reaction that not only breaks down plaque but also manages to kill bacteria. Although the amount of money you could potentially save in a year on toothpaste could in fact pay for this brush, we can’t help but wonder how marketable it actually is, considering all the science involved it may actually scare some folks away. Time will have to tell if this becomes the toothbrush of the future.

Ultrasound Toothbrush

ultreoThis toothbrush was actually designed by one of the leading developers of ultrasound technology, Ultreo. This toothbrush uses about 4 million cycles of ultrasound energy to create bubbles that both expand and contract. This movement combined with good old-fashioned bristle action helps clean your teeth and kill bacteria in your mouth. Again, this pretty much eliminates the need for toothpaste and could potentially save you a lot of money in the long run.

The Standing Toothbrush

upstanding-toothbrushThe upstanding toothbrush is arguably one of the most simplistic yet brilliant tooth brush designs on this list. It completely eliminates having to lay your toothbrush down on an unsanitary surface and also makes a rack or a hanger for your toothbrush obsolete. It makes use of a weight at its rounded end to create a center of gravity at the base so all you have to do is set it down and it stands upright, perfectly balanced by itself.

The Hook Brush

hook-toothbrushThis one runs along the same lines as the upstanding brush as a simplistic answer to where and how you place your toothbrush. Simply put, it looks just like your regular run of the mill brush except that it has a plastic hook on the opposite end. It’s perfect for people who like to brush their teeth in the shower to save time while eliminating the need to set it down in what is likely an unsanitary condition.

The Seahorse Toothbrush

seahorse-toothbrushWhile not a lot different than the hook brush, this one gets on the list by being a little strange. It’s much like the hook brush except that the end has a pick-like tip for getting bits of food out between your teeth but the odd thing is, it’s unique for the fact that it is made to resemble a seahorse, painted eyes and all. And apparently, for whatever strange reason, it only comes in sets of threes. So if you’re looking for a truly weird or unique gift, the seahorse toothbrush just might be the thing to get.

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