5 Things You Shouldn’t Do With Your Teeth

Don't Use Your TeethOur teeth have one primary use, chewing and tearing of food. No matter what fashion magazines say or anything else, that’s the purpose. But people out there not only forget or neglect to practice proper upkeep of their teeth, they use them for things they absolutely shouldn’t. Here are five things people do with their teeth that are really bad ideas.

  1. 1. Opening bottles

    How many times have you seen, or even done, this? This is hands down one of the worst things you can subject your teeth to. Your teeth absolutely cannot handle this and it’s simply a matter of time before you chip a tooth. Modern science has invented an amazing tool to prevent people from doing this; it’s called a bottle opener. If you don’t have one handy, connect one to a key chain so you will…

  2. 2. Teeth as a package opener

    You’re sitting in traffic or at your desk and you can’t get that pesky bag of chips open. So, you tear it open with your teeth; harmless, right? Wrong! If that packaging has a sharp edge (think paper cuts) it can cut your gums. You may not realize it but you’re opening yourself up to infections in those cuts and possibly major dental problems down the road.

  3. 3. Not Using a Mouth Guard

    If you’re playing a sport with things like fists or hard balls flying at your face, use a mouth guard. People are prone to skip this step and regret it when sipping pea soup as their after workout meal. Like any other hobby, safety is key.

  4. 4. Neglecting Floss

    When you clean your house, do you only clean around the things in your house? Well, most people do the same things with their teeth. Food particles can get in between your teeth and can cause major damage no matter what you eat or what you’re doing take time to floss after every meal.

  5. 5. Skipping Checkups

    This is a big one. Checkups are vital; do not skip out on them. Maintenance is key to preservation. Your dentist helps you fix problems before they start or get worse.

    If you have any, or all, or even none of these habits, make an appointment with Dr. Matthews at his Austin office, today. He can help you maintain or gain the perfect smile you’ve been dreaming about.

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