5 Unusual Causes of Tooth Sensitivity

Image by FrancescoUngaro http://www.flickr.com/photos/desiretofire/Many people suffer from severe pain when eating or drinking something very hot or very cold. This is a very common condition known as tooth sensitivity.

Most people assume that this is a natural, or just happens to some people, but in reality it’s caused, in many cases, by things we do and is therefore, preventable. Some of these things are even things that we think are good for us, that we may do too much of, or improperly. We’ll break down a few of these and hopefully help you to enjoy your food and drinks a bit more.

Brushing Too Hard

Of course it’s important to brush your teeth. Every dentist on the planet will tell you that. However brushing too hard and fast is almost as bad as not brushing at all. When you brush too hard, you actually wear down the protective enamel on your teeth and damage your gums. Simply put, slow down! Brushing like there’s no tomorrow is horrible for your teeth and will do you way more harm than good.

Tooth Whitening Tooth Paste

Tons of companies now sell tooth paste with teeth whitening chemicals in them. While a lot of them do just that, they can actually cause tooth sensitivity, again by wearing away at your enamel. If you didn’t have tooth sensitivity before you started using teeth whitening toothpaste, you need to seriously consider switching to something without the whiteners. The discomfort most likely isn’t worth the brighter smile.

Using Too Much Mouth Wash

A lot of mouth, while good for you in moderation, can contain alcohol and other chemicals that cause tooth sensitivity. While we don’t recommend cutting mouthwash out of your dental regimen, we do recommend cutting back on it. Again, if you have developed sensitivity and use a lot of mouthwash, it’s more than likely the cause.

Gum Disease

The older you get, the more your gums can recede, even more so if you’re not exactly staying on top of your dental health. One of the sure signs of gum disease is increased tooth sensitivity. If you think gum disease is the cause, come in and see Dr. Matthews as soon as possible. Not only can he help you get your gum disease under control, he can also help answer any questions and concerns about your tooth sensitivity, as well.

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