The Australian Tooth Fairy

Photo by Lance Andrews
The Sydney Sea Life Aquarium in Sydney, Australia employs quite a few people for a variety of different things. But of all the jobs being done at the aquarium, diver Giles Cordey probably has the most interesting and dangerous one.

An Interesting Job

Mr. Cordey, or the Tooth Fairy as he is called by other employees at the aquarium, has one job and that’s to dive to the bottom of the Sydney Sea Life Aquarium Shark Tank and one by one, pick up the shark teeth that over time accumulate on the tank floor.

The thing is, the sharks are still in the tank when he cleans it.

Giles Cordey collects up to 100 individual teeth at a time all while sharing his workspace with nine Grey Nurse and Lemon Sharks that call the tank home. You won’t catch the tooth fairy making much of a big deal about it though. He stated recently, “It went well, they’re really nice animals and they’re really quite placid. They actually tend to avoid interaction unless we have food.”

All in a day’s work for this brave diver.

Education is Key

The Sea Life Aquarium is beginning a special exhibit entitled “Shark Mission.” The new exhibit features a rare and candid glimpse at the softer, day to day side of an animal normally feared by the average person.

Hopefully, this will allow people to see them swimming in the tank going about daily routines and will go a long way to help put aside popular misconceptions, Hollywood villianization and myths. There is even a shark nursery on display so people can get a first-hand glimpse of the life cycle of sharks and how they interact with each other.

Many different species of sharks are going on the endangered species list due to human activity in and around the Earth’s oceans. The exhibit will not only educate people on sharks but to make people aware of the perilous situation sharks face, and ultimately humanity’s role in reversing that process.

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