The “Bite Splint” – Neuromuscular Orthotic

One of the most popular and widely sought treatment options for those with TMJ is use of the bite splint, also known as a neuromuscular orthotic. Some also call them “Night Guards”, but bite splints aren’t just for people who grind their teeth at night. The bite splint has to be properly fitted to your mouth and your ideal bite in order for it to work. Similar to a mouthguard in shape and size but not purpose, a bite splint is worn in order to act as a solid platform that keeps the bite in an ideal position when the teeth come together.

Mouthguards, Night Guards, And A True Neuromuscular Orthotic

Though similar, it’s important to note that a bite splint, a night guard, and a mouthguard are not all one in the same. A TMJ splint is specifically designed to treat TMJ so that the jaw muscles can learn where to be positioned when the teeth come together. Despite the similarities in the shape and design, a mouthguard cannot safely or effectively treat TMJ, although Dr. Matthews can create a neuromuscular mouthguard that improves an athlete’s performance by bringing the bite into a neuromuscularly balanced position. The difference is that a neuromuscular mouthguard isn’t worn full time like a TMJ bite splint. A “night guard” is typically created for those who suffer from bruxism, but it is rarely in the patient’s best interest to simply protect the teeth from grinding without treating the source of the bruxism: TMJ disorder. To treat TMJ disorder, your best option is to come to Dr. Matthews for a TMJ splint.

Treat Your TMJ With A Bite Splint

Have you been diagnosed with TMJ? If so, you would probably benefit from a neuromuscular orthotic (bite splint) made by Austin TMJ dentist, Dr. Dan Matthews. He will work with you to ensure that a neuromuscular orthotic is the best TMJ treatment method to provide you with the relief you need. Schedule a TMJ consultation online now, or by calling (512) 452-2273. You can also email us.

Dr. Matthews is a general dentist and also provides cosmetic dentistry in Austin.

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