Toothbrushes of the Future: Are They Worth It?

We here at Dr. Matthew’s office know that not everyone likes brushing their teeth. Of course, most people know that it’s important–both for your day-to-day comfort and for your overall dental health–but which one of us hasn’t skipped a day of flossing here and there? Luckily (for the brush-shy among us) there’s a set of … Continued

Pufferfish Beaks and Baby Teeth: The Strange Connection

Here’s a fun science question: what does a puffer fish have in common with a person’s mouth? According to a recent study published by the University of Sheffield, a surprising amount. The study, written by researchers from the University of London and the University of Tokyo, found that puffer fish use the same genetic programming … Continued

Civil War Teeth: Oral Hygiene Wasn’t Always a Given

Did you know that the ‘4-F’ designation in the military used to mean that a potential recruit was missing four of their front teeth? It might seem funny to us now, but missing your front teeth was a big deal back in the day! The designation comes from the American Civil War, where recruits were … Continued

History Connection: Bluetooth, Vikings, and Dentistry

Here’s a fun one: did you know that your Bluetooth headset is named after a 10th century Danish king? In what may be one of the coolest points connecting ourselves with the past, the Bluetooth wireless system was named for one King Harald Gormsson. As a ruler of Denmark (and sometimes Norway) Mr. Gormsson was … Continued

WaterPik Sells for One Billion Dollars

Who knew that clean teeth was such big business? According to sources, the Ft. Collins, CO-based company that produces WaterPik teeth-cleaning devices was just purchased for a nice, even one billion dollars! That’s right– you read that correctly. The company Church & Dwight, which owns such stand-out dental care products as Arm & Hammer toothpaste, … Continued

The Earliest Dental Work: A Hundred-Thousand Year Puzzle

How long do you think people have been practicing dentistry? Aside from the earliest records of dental work–which some scholars say would be Sumeria, around seven thousand years ago–we’re not too sure. But a recent examination of Neanderthal remains from Croatia suggests that hominids may have been doing some light dental work as far back … Continued

What You Should Know About Mouth Ulcers

We’ve all had them: those little bitty sore-spots in our mouths that make normal, every-day things like eating, drinking, and brushing our teeth an absolute pain. Called Mouth Ulcers, these small but painful spots in our mouth can be a day-ruiner. But what are they, and what can we do about them? Mouth ulcers–or, irritated … Continued

Managing TMJ Pain: Easier Than You’d Think

Here’s a scenario: you get home from a long day of work, sit down to relax, and realize that you’ve got a thundering headache. Or you wake up in the morning, and you find yourself wincing at the pain you feel in your jaw muscles or joints. If you’re one of the thousands of people … Continued

Lucy Hobbs: The First Woman Dentist

Did you know that a lot of modern dentistry owes its start to one Lucy Hobbs? The first woman to enter the field in America, Lucy Hobbs stands as an inspiration to all of us in dentistry. She overcame the biases leveled against her, and due to her efforts, opened up an entire field to … Continued

Floss vs. WaterPik: The Battle for Cleaner Teeth

In case you haven’t heard, flossing has recently come under fire as dentists and scientists re-examine the evidence in favor of floss. What is under examination is the validity of the studies that argue in favor of flossing, however, not the century-plus of anecdotal evidence to suggest that flossing is, in fact, pretty important. What … Continued