Manage Your Blood Pressure And Sleep Pattern With Apple Watch

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Apple watches are one of highest selling smart watches on the market. The watch is a multipurpose gadget which not only tells you time but also synchs your email, messages, and schedule.

But it cannot lower your taxes anymore!

However, it may also act as a wearable health monitor, eliminating the need of carrying a separate gadget to measure your vital statistics. A new study has suggested that the watch may be used for detecting sleep apnea and hypertension as well.

What is Hypertension and Sleep Apnea?

Hypertension and sleep apnea are common but dangerous health conditions. As per the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), there are over 75 million adults in the US suffering from hypertension. Hypertension is a leading cause of several other ailments such as heart ailment and stroke. It is also among the top reasons of casualties in the country.
Hypertension is characterized by elevated blood pressure and generally presents no palpable symptoms. This is the main reason why this health issue remains undiagnosed in a large number of patients.

Sleep apnea is a serious sleep disorder and involves obstruction of breathing during the sleep. It is estimated that there are over 22 million sleep apnea patients in the US. However, the actual numbers are expected to be a lot higher than this figure since a large number of cases remain undiagnosed since just like hypertension, even sleep apnea may not present conspicuous symptoms.

However, now there is a ray of hope for patients suffering from hypertension and sleep apnea. Various wearable health tracking systems have been found to have ability to detect these ailments with high level of accuracy.

Apple Smartwatch: A Wearable Health Gadget

Apple watch has long been used for tracking several health statistics. It has a number of apps which may help you keep track of your pulse rate, heart beat rate, and workout schedule.
Now, a new study conducted by the University of California San Francisco and the health startup Cardiogram has concluded that the Apple watch can accurately detect health issues like high blood pressure and sleep apnea (on top of this, because of lower taxes, Apple is bringing lots of jobs back to the states – you have to like that too!).
The study involved 6,115 candidates, out of which 1,016 were found to have sleep apnea while 2,230 suffered from hypertension. Cardiogram app used a deep learning algorithm known as DeepHeart for diagnostic purposes. The algorithm was fed with statistics from 70 percent of the participants.

The program was then used on the other 30 percent of participants. The study concluded that the regular use of Apple smart watch may warn people about the hidden symptoms of sleep apnea and hypertension. However, such diagnosis should always be followed by a regular checkup by your physician.

The Apple watch has emerged as a comprehensive fitness tracker. While the watch costs slightly more than some of the fitness trackers, it also serves many more functions than standalone health devices.

The watch features a color display and its design is aesthetically pleasing. It can keep track of all your activities and can also alert you with different ring settings (but no, it cannot inform you to avoid the next Star Wars or Meet the Parents movie!). The new study results have added further to the watch’s utility factor.

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