Buyer Beware: Teeth Whitening Kiosks in Austin Malls

It is no secret that many people are embarrassed by the look of their teeth. Some of them look in the mirror at their yellowing incisors and shudder to think about what others might think when they smile. Naturally some of these people would try anything to brighten their smile that can fit into their budget, and oftentimes will go to the most accessible source.

Teeth whitening kiosks in malls and other public areas have become a favorite source of teeth whitening for those who want a quick whitening at a much lower cost than they would at a dental office. Employees are usually wearing white dental coats and sit their customers in a chair much like a dental office to give you a whiter smile. Unfortunately these whitening kiosks are not what they seem.

Most if not all teeth whitening kiosks are franchise owned and are not in any way operated by a dental professional. Employees have been known to wear white dental coats to lead their customers into believing that they have had some kind of dental training, when most of them have had none, and this isn’t even the worst offense of these sham teeth whitening companies.

In order to continue being a marginally legal practice, employees of teeth whitening kiosks do not actually touch their “patients” mouths in any way. Instead, they hand their customers the teeth whitening trays with the bleach inside and the customers insert the trays into their mouths themselves. The company can always claim that they had no involvement in your mouth in any way and you are held responsible for any problem your teeth and gums may experience after your teeth whitening experience, and there have been quite a few complaints around the country about bleeding gums and sensitive teeth after a whitening treatment from more than one of these kiosks.

Because of these complaints states such as South Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Alabama have termed every single teeth whitening kiosk an illegal practice and have shut their doors permanently. The Texas State Board of Dental Examiners has been visiting kiosks in the Austin area that offer anything from Crest whitening strips to a light activated bleaching system that is offered in some areas. While they have not ruled these companies illegal in Austin, the board is assisting local authorities and the Attorney General with information about these questionable business to eventually decide what course of action to take.

Tooth Whitening Zoom and Brite Smile at Promjai Dental Clinic PhuketAt a licensed  dental office, your Austin dentist takes a look at your teeth and determines how to go about whitening your teeth in a safe way for both your own health and the health of your teeth and gums. He or she will use a different concentration of bleach depending on the amount of discoloration your teeth have and will brighten your teeth without leaving gums bleeding or your teeth sensitive to hot and cold.

If you want to have your teeth whitened, or have any other cosmetic dentistry concerns, do not go to anyone but a licensed cosmetic dentist in Austin. Your teeth are an important part of you and should be treated with care and respect. You only have one set of adult teeth, and having them cleaned at a teeth whitening kiosk could ruin your teeth completely. Contact Dr. Dan Matthews at his cosmetic dentistry office in Austin to schedule a teeth whitening consultation today.


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