Can Green Tea Improve Oral Healthcare? 5 Things You Should Know

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Health benefits of green tea which is rich in antioxidants are well documented. It can aid in weight loss, help in better weight management, and improve digestion. A number of studies also indicate that green tea has cancer fighting properties. However, is green tea good for oral healthcare?

The answer is yes. Several studies seem to suggest that green tea in addition to aiding good health, can also play an important role in improving oral health.

5 Ways Green Tea can Aid in Improving Oral Health

Packed with compounds that are anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory in nature, green tea could be a poignant health drink for improving your oral health.

Helps Fight against Periodontal Disease

According to two studies, a Japanese study and a German study, the anti-inflammatory properties of green tea helped improve periodontal health of the respondents in both studies.

The Japanese study found that the respondents (1,000 men) who regularly consumed green tea reported better gum health compared to those who did not drink green tea. Likewise, in the German study, respondents who chewed candy rich in green-tea extracts, were found to have healthier gums.

Helps Prevent Cavity

The anti-bacterial compounds present in green tea as well as its ability to reduce dental plaque and acidity levels in saliva, make it effective in preventing cavities.

An Egypt-based study found that when respondents were asked to rinse their mouth for five minutes with green tea, the presence of bacteria was significantly lowered. The respondents also tested low on acidity in the saliva and displayed a reduction in gum bleeding.

With its ability to lower dental plaque and acidity levels in the saliva, in addition to its anti-bacterial properties, green tea can help lower dental cavities and help fight tooth decay.

Helps in Retaining Natural Teeth

According to a 2010 Japanese study, it was found that men and women who consumed green tea (one or more cups) on a daily basis were better able to retain their natural teeth. Given the anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and cavity fighting properties of green tea, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that consuming a cup or two of green tea on a daily basis could help you retain your natural teeth.

Helps Inhibit Cancer Growth

One of the causes of cancer is the damage caused by unstable molecules otherwise known as free radicals. The antioxidant property of green tea can help protect cells from the damage that is caused by free radicals.

A study from the University of Texas found that green-tea extract helped in slowing down the growth of oral cancer in patients diagnosed with precancerous lesions in their mouths.

Helps Fight Halitosis or Bad Breath

One of the most common indications that all is not well with your oral cavity is halitosis or bad breath. In a test conducted by the University of British Columbia’s Faculty of Dentistry, people with bad breath were divided into two groups – one of the groups was given green-tea powder and the other was given other products which are supposed to aid in fighting bad breath.

The group which consumed green tea registered an improvement in their breath quality when compared to the group which was given mints and chewing gum and other similar products.

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