Not All Cases of TMJ Disorder Require Surgery

Leann RimesLeAnn Rimes amazed the world with her talent and larger-than-life voice at the young age of thirteen.  It’s hard to believe that it was sixteen years ago when her breakthrough album, Blue reached the number one spot on the Country Music Charts.  After that, Rimes quickly became a household name and for years she has continued to make records and entertain her many fans with her beautifully gifted voice.

Rimes may have reached celebrity status through her singing capabilities, but even the rich and famous starlit has struggled with physical issues that have held her back.  One of those struggles was a severe case of a temporomandibular joint, more commonly knows as TMJ disorder.

Just this past February, Rimes informed her fans via Twitter that she had undergone surgery to correct her TMJ disorder, which she later announced on the television talk show, Chelsea Lately was so severe that she had to pop her jaw back into place after the end of some of her stage performances.  Post surgery, Rimes tweeted about her chipmunk cheeks and how much post operative pain she was enduring. Thankfully, she was able to find some relief in pain medication until she healed.

Even though Rimes’ severe case of TMJ required surgery, the most common method of treating TMJ is not surgery but instead comes in the form of a bite splint or a neuromuscular orthotic.  A bite splint is an appliance that is used to bring the jaw joint into a more suitable position in order to keep it there so that the muscles eventually learn and adapt to a more ideal location when the mouth is closed.  It is a safe and effective alternative to TMJ surgery, and lets face it, no one wants to go under the knife if they can avoid it.

The fact of the matter is that TMJ will not disappear on its own, and ignoring it can create additional issues.  Therefore, if you live in the Austin area and suffer from a TMJ disorder, cosmetic dentist Dan Matthews can help you find the relief you seek.  Call his office today or make an appointment online for a free consultation.  He has just the treatment needed to eliminate all of your symptoms of TMJ disorder.

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