Charlie Sheen’s Winning Comeback Includes Cosmetic Dentistry

Just last year, Charlie Sheen made headlines left and right due to his job loss, drug and alcohol binges, women issues, and various run ins with the law.  He also quickly became the butt of many jokes due to his constant banter about tiger’s blood – whatever that might be – and his catchphrase “Winning,” when it fact it looked as if he was losing, of all things, his entire mind.  Overall, Sheen had publicly jumped off the deep end and it seemed as if there was no chance of his return to the normal sane world that the rest of us live in.

However, with the start of the New Year, Mr. Sheen has redeemed himself and landed two spokesperson positions for more conventional products besides tiger’s blood.  He is now the new face of Fiat and DirecTV. His presence in our homes will not stop there, though; Sheen has also signed up to start acting again on the small screen in a new cable sitcom called Anger Management.

According to a recent tweet on his Twitter account, Sheen visited his Hollywood dentist to have his smile perfected for all of his newfound gigs.  Thanks to the cosmetic dentistry performed on his teeth, Sheen’s updated “grill” no longer includes an obvious missing tooth near the front of his mouth.  As with many Hollywood Celebrities, Sheen was well aware that his teeth and smile would need an overhaul if he ever wanted to find gainful employment again in Tinseltown.  Sheen is not alone; many other celebrities including Matt Damon, Tom Cruise, and Nicholas Cage have also undergone cosmetic dentistry procedures because they too understand the important roll their dentist’s play in their success.

You may not be a Hollywood actor like Charlie Sheen, but if you live in the Austin area and have missing teeth or other cosmetic dental related issues that are holding you back in life, then consider calling or making an appointment online for a free consolation with Austin Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Dan Matthews.  He offers a variety of cosmetic dentistry procedures to help you look your very best including: dental implants, porcelain veneers, crowns, teeth whitening, and dental bonding.  Let Dr. Matthews and his staff help you achieve the Hollywood smile of your dreams!


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