Cosmetic Dentistry

Our smiles can easily reveal how we feel and they affect how others view us. The first thing that many people see when looking at us is our smiles, or lack thereof for some patients. Those who smile often are usually seen as being happy, approachable, and confident in themselves. Those who don’t smile may come off as being insecure and unfriendly.

Do you find that you smile less often because you are not content with your teeth? Are you ashamed of having chips, cracks, or discoloration? While you may have lived unhappily with your smile for years, with the help of Dr. Matthews and cosmetic dentistry, you can finally enjoy your smile. Book your cosmetic dentistry consultation online now!

Cosmetic Dentistry in Austin – Dentistry to Bring Out the True You

No matter what sort of imperfections you have within your smile, there is a cosmetic dentistry procedure available that can completely restore your teeth. From severe discoloration to missing teeth, cracked teeth and teeth with unnatural amalgam fillings, cosmetic dentistry can solve all of these problems. For trusted, professional, and natural looking cosmetic dentistry in Austin, Dr. Matthews is your go-to cosmetic dentist. At our dental office we offer:


Each of these procedures is used to fix a specific type of imperfection. Some patients often require a combination of procedures to get the results that they want. A consultation with Dr. Matthews will determine which procedures are best for you. Book your appointment now!

Smile Better and Brighter with Cosmetic Dentistry

Life is too short not to smile everyday! Don’t let imperfections within your smile keep you from showing your inner beauty and happiness. If you want to revamp your smile into one that shines, glistens, and catches eyes, come to Dr. Matthews for cosmetic dentistry in Austin. With cosmetic dentistry, you can ensure that you’ll have the smile of a lifetime! Contact our Austin dental office today by calling (512) 452-2273 to set up a consultation with Dr. Matthews, or book your appointment online now. Before you know it you’ll have a flawless smile that you can’t stop showing.


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