Dental Bonding Austin

Dental bonding is one of the many dental procedures offered by Dr. Matthews that has both practical and aesthetic purposes. Dental bonding uses a composite resin, a very thin, moldable material, to repair damage or make minor aesthetic changes to front or back teeth. The composite resin can be used effect a variety of color and shape changes in teeth.

The Dental Bonding Procedure

When the resin is applied to the teeth, it can lighten any existing stains that may exist due to normal discoloration or stains caused by certain foods and drinks, although we typically recommend trying Zoom tooth whitening first. It can also be applied to close minor gaps between teeth (also called diastemas) as well as to correct a slightly crooked tooth. No matter what the resin is used for, after application it is always colored and shaped to naturally blend in with the rest of your existing smile. Before the procedure is complete Dr. Matthews will use a high-intensity light that causes the resin to harden. After hardened, the resin is polished to give it the sheen of a natural tooth.

Overall, the procedure usually takes 1-2 hours and is usually pain-free.

Dental bonding can last anywhere from 7-11 years, depending on how you care for your teeth. This means you can enjoy your new smile for years to come!

Improve Your Smile with Dental Bonding in Austin

Contact our office today at 512-452-2273 to schedule an appointment time with Dr. Matthews to discuss dental bonding in Austin. Dr. Matthews will decide whether or not dental bonding is the best procedure for your specific situation.


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