Using Dental Benefits Before Retiring

Tío MiguelUsing your dental benefits now, before retiring, will get your mouth the care that it needs. If you are like most people then you occasionally visit the dentist, probably for a cleaning. You might be confused about what you coverage costs, or feel like it is a waste of time because you can always get your teeth fixed later. Well, you cannot always have the benefit of employer sponsored dental insurance and you cannot get the care you need at all times. Medicare does not cover your dentist, and most dentists offer payment plans, but they are hefty and add up. While dental insurance may not cover the complete cost of every crown or filling, you may as well take advantage of the amount insurance provides while you have it.

So what can you do?

Consider first that most employer based dental insurances are included in your benefits and in most cases you cannot opt out of them. If your employer is one of those contracts that has included dental insurance then use it. It is true that dental insurance does not typically cover at 100% of dental procedures, but it still covers a portion of dental services. This is a drastic change in comparison to not having any dental insurance at all. That is like going up that proverbial creek, and trying to paddle against the current. Once you retire and your dental benefits expire you will have an extremely hard time convincing medicare to cover you. Why? They do not cover dental care. It is that simple, so while you and your spouse are still working, using your dental care benefits is an excellent idea.

Other Employee’s who have used the dental benefits have used them for:

*Routine dental exams

*TMJ and other dental issues

*Full or partial dentures


Dental services are easy to take care of while you can, and you should. Teeth are important, not only for the appearance of a person but also because they help you to eat and live a normal and healthy life. Dental health is important to your overall well being.

First, before you begin your dental work think back on your past exams or visit an Austin Dentist like Dr. Dan Matthews for a new treatment plan. Budget the work, because even with benefits you will still have to pay some out of pocket expenses. Make sure to let your dentist know if you have a time constraint, meaning you retire in three months and want to get as much done in that span, but it’s best not to wait. If you have dental insurance take advantage of it now!

Many people disregard the health of their teeth. You need to be vigilant on this topic, because the health of your teeth completes the health of your body. Remember you have dental insurance in most cases and care is stellar when you take care of the dental needs while you are in a job. Don’t wait, because medicare will not cover your dental health needs.

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