Dental Implant FAQ

How Much do Dental Implants Cost?

Questions and answers to help you make a good decision about dental implants.

What Am I Really Paying For?

For some people it is hard to conceive paying several thousand dollars for dental implants, however, you’re not just paying for the raw material. It is the service aspect of it that accrues the highest price tag, which is easy to forget when pricing them out. The act of implantation requires a great amount of skill and precision. The titanium piece of metal, which makes up an implant, is being introduced into a living environment that contains nerves, sensitive tissues, sinuses and blood vessels.

With working space being incredibly limited during the positioning of the implant, any error can lead to incorrect positioning. This can be costly down the line and be quite a pain for your mouth. However, an implant which is introduced into your mouth with precision and care can last for a lifetime. This is why an experienced professional, who may be slightly more costly, is the way to go when making your decision.

Your cost will cover laboratory expenses, materials, anesthesia and the experience of the dentist you choose. When considering which dentist is right for you, know that the American Dental Association recognizes dentists as specialists in implants when they have had three additional years of advanced training in bridges, crowns and implants. A board certified prosthodontist is your best choice when considering implants.

How Much Will it Actually Cost?

There is no absolute answer for this. The price is dependent on many variables surrounding your unique case. Your jaw bone will be a large determining factor. If your jaw bone is not strong enough or big enough to accommodate a dental implant, you may need additional work depending on what needs altered. Bone graphing is usually the most plausible option for insufficient bone and that may cost between several hundred and several thousand dollars, depending on how much needs graphed.

A single dental implant cost can be from $1,800 to $2,500. However, an implant is only the tool which holds the dental crown in place. Next, the type of artificial tooth you choose will impact the cost. $1,000-$3,000 is the price range for a single implant crown.

If you need bridge implants, to replace several or many of your teeth you could be looking at $3,000 – $25,000. However, you could consider removable bridges which are usually considerably less expensive than the former.

How Much Will My Insurance Cover, If Any?

Just like with cost, this answer depends on your individual case. Dental implants can be seen as cosmetic dentistry, so most insurances do not pay for implants; however many will at least help pay for the artificial teeth that will be placed on top of the implants. Contact your provider for more information. As with all dental visits we will assist you in submitting a claim to the insurance company.

How Much Pain Is Involved?

Usually the pain associated with implants is minimal in comparison to a tooth extraction. In fact, many patients are pleasantly surprised at how little it hurts when they go home. We always use the most effective and best method of anesthesia for you. When anesthesia is done right and the dentist has had extensive training in implants, pain should rarely be a problem.

Will I Have To Go Toothless While My Implants Mature?

You can usually wear dentures over the implants. Additionally, if your implants follow extractions, your crowns will already be made, as to cut down the time between implantation and artificial tooth insertion.

Will My Implants Be As Strong As My Natural Teeth?

Yes. Most artificial teeth are actually considered to be stronger than your natural teeth! You’ll be able to enjoy all of your favorite foods and have a wonderful smile.

How Will Dental Implants Benefit Me?

• Increased self-confidence
• Ability to enjoy foods you may not be able to with missing or broken teeth
• A beautiful smile
• Stops further degradation of the jaw bone

What Is The Success Rate of Dental Implants?

As technology advances, success rates have continued to improve. Over the past ten years, a 93% success rating has been reported.

What if My Implant Fails?

Though extremely unlikely to happen, the failed implant can be replaced.

Am I Healthy Enough For Dental Implants

Usually patients who are able to undergo an extraction are also able to receive implants. However, there are certain factors which may persuade your doctor to choose one way or the other. If you drink or smoke heavily, or if you have a history of certain chronic diseases, you may not be a candidate for implants.

Am I At An Appropriate Age For Dental Implants?

Patients of any age can receive dental implants, as long as they meet the health requirements.

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