Dental Implants Becoming Common: What Patients Should Look For in a Cosmetic Dentist

Prototype Dental ImplantMany dental clients that are missing teeth due to general wear, or other influences such as a poor diet and even from using some medicines, have been gravitating toward dental implants in an effort to avoid dentures. Because of this rise in interest, more and more cosmetic dentists are offering dental implants.

It has been said that 53 percent of general dentists have been placing implants in their patients, saying that implants have become easier to place due to changes in implant technology. Some people think that just about any dentist can place a dental implant; however, patients in need of new implants have a few things they should look at before opting for dental implants.

Accountability With Your Dentist

When searching for an implant dentist that will correctly place your implants, and can handle all of your other dental needs, it is important to consider:

  • Education: Be sure that your dentist has had proper training and certification to correctly place your implants
  • Office Environment: Is the office clean and orderly? Is the receptionist and your dentist friendly? It is important to feel comfortable with the dental office as well as your dentist before you allow a procedure such as dental implants to occur
  • Years Placing Implants: Find out how long your dentist has been successfully placing dental implants and how long he or she has been practicing dental procedures in general
  • Procedures and Methodology: Before agreeing to dental implants, it is alright to ask your dentist about the ins and outs of your procedure. Find out about anesthesia, about scans and equipment, and most of all what you can expect afterwards. Most dentists will give you a detailed plan for follow-ups and other procedures after you have acquired your implants.
  • Patient Testimonials: Seeking testimonials will certainly tell you about the quality of work you can expect from your dentist.

Dental Implants With Dr. Matthews

For over 20 years, Dr. Matthews has practiced general and cosmetic dentistry, including placing beautiful dental implants. His expertise in his field gives him an advantage over many other dentists that may offer implants, giving you the biggest advantage of all: peace of mind and great new teeth, without a compromise over your oral and overall health. If you are looking into dental implants, or require any number of cosmetic dental procedures such as tooth whitening or Invisalign, call or email Dr. Matthews at his dental office in Austin today to schedule a consultation.


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