Dental Implants: The Natural Alternative to Dentures

If you are missing a tooth or many teeth, you probably aren’t the most confident or satisfied with your smile. Sadly, our smiles are what most people first notice about us and in most cases smiles can say a lot about a person. Someone who smiles a lot is generally seen as being friendly and confident, while those who don’t smile appear to be unhappy. An implant dentist in Austin can offer a variety of options to patients who are looking to fill in the gaps created when teeth are missing including dentures, and dental implants. While patients don’t have to settle for one specific fix, the fact is that dental implants are truly the most natural option. Though dentures have proven to work for those missing teeth, dental implants are a no-fuss option as they blend in naturally with your existing smile and are permanently secured to your teeth.

When you are missing teeth, you may find that simple things such as talking, chewing, and eating become chores or even embarrassing in some cases. Thankfully with the help of cosmetic dentistry, an implant dentist in Austin can use procedures such as dental implants  to replace any missing teeth. Implant dentistry in Austin offers a permanent solution and when done properly, work, feel, and look amazing for patients of all types. While the procedure sounds a lot more complex when compared to dentures, implants have proven to be much more effective.

How Dental Implants Work

When dental implants are put into your mouth, they are implanted so that your new teeth, with the proper care, will last for years and years to come. Each implant is properly secured to your jaw bone which makes them extremely reliable and durable. The implants are made to fit flawlessly within your smile, from the color, sheen, and even the size of them. No one will ever know that you have dental implants. Instead they’ll see a new beautiful smile that finally allows you to shine.

With the help of implant dentistry, having an incomplete smile will be a problem of the past. Instead, dental implants will allow you to love your smile again as it will be complete and entirely renewed. Your new smile will look completely natural and with dental implants you’ll never have to worry about the difficulties, pain, and complications that come along with the use of dentures. If you’re interested in dental implants as a natural alternative to dentures, don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Matthews’ office today!

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