Dentist to Clone John Lennon From Tooth


John LennonRecently, we posted an article about a man who bought John Lennon’s tooth and made it into necklaces. Well, we have a bit of a follow-up for you. What was once an interesting tribute to a music icon may well be stepping into sci-fi territory.

It appears that Michael Zuk, the dentist who bought the tooth for $30,000 has sent the specimen to American researchers to look for ways to extract DNA from it. Now, if you haven’t already guessed, he wants to clone John Lennon.

Apparently it wasn’t just rabid Beatle Mania that drove Dr. Zuk to drop 30 grand on Lennon’s tooth, from the very beginning he wanted to one day clone him.

History of the tooth

In the mid 1960’s John Lennon pulled his own tooth out and gave it to his housekeeper for disposal. He then changed his mind and suggested that his housekeeper pass the tooth along to her daughter, who was a fan of the Beatles. The tooth stayed in the family until November of 2011 when it was sold to Zuk.

Can a Clone be Created From a Tooth?

As weird as this is starting to get, don’t count on seeing a Lennon clone walking around anytime soon. Jose Cibelli, a cloning expert at Michigan State University say that even the latest technologies to sequence the DNA will recover most, but not the complete set, of genetic information.

“In addition, to sequence the human genome of an individual, one needs to sequence it by pieces, and at this point it is impossible to put it back together again,” he stated in an email.

Not only this, but another question (at least for us) immediately comes to mind, what guarantees that a Lennon clone would have any musical talent? Isn’t that a result of so many things outside of simple genetics? These guys could end up cloning not a musical genius, but perhaps the world’s grooviest Wal-Mart character.

Look, Beatle Mania is great and being a fan of great music is fine, but at some point it starts to get creepy. Perhaps someday we will see this Lennon clone for ourselves, but until then, this Austin cosmetic dentist will keep you posted.

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