Dentures and the Effects of Aging

a real smileWhen someone first gets dentures, among the numerous pitfalls that they encounter including difficulty chewing, slippage and encumbered taste, they are quick to discover the procedure doesn’t live up to their expectations. Even the commercials they see on TV depicting happy, denture adhesive users, easily eating things like apples, corn-on-the-cob or steak, end up in stark contrast to the reality of the ineffectiveness of the adhesive.

What they don’t learn right away is traditional dentures also rapidly increase the effects of aging on the patient. Dentures accelerate the facial aging process because the distance between the nose and the chin begin to decrease as soon as the natural teeth are extracted. Soon after the removal you begin to build more gum tissue in between the bone and the empty area where the natural teeth were. That space then starts to retreat upwards towards the nose. The bone holding the lower plate retreats downward and within the space of just a few months the face will begin aging several years.

The byproduct of this aging is that the false teeth begin to vanish under the lips and the lips start to flatten out. This effect progresses for the rest of your life, rapidly reducing any youthful appearance. As the lips flatten out, wrinkles begin to develop of the top right and left corners of the mouth, the folds below the left and right nostrils, and both corners of your lower lips. The effect increases over time as the lips, which are no longer supported, collapse inward and begin to blend into the already existing folds, increasing the depth and severity of these lines. The effect of long term wear and tear of the old dentures creates such huge effects in all the facial muscles that it can even severely weaken the jaw muscles.

A Better Solution

If you are already experiencing these problems fear not because there are numerous options available to you. Aside from things like facelifts, Botox and other cosmetic procedures, there are quite a few things that Dr. Matthews can do for you as well. First of all, he can refit your existing plates to see if correcting the fit of your existing dentures can benefit you. Secondly, there are Dr. Matthew’s FOY Dentures™ which employ the science of neuromuscular dentistry to deal with muscle relaxation and function. Dr. Matthews is trained to take into account the affected facial areas and takes the time to make sure that The Denture Fountain of Youth™ determines what areas of the patient’s mouth will benefit most. The result is that patients can now eat normally again and see significant reduction in aging.

Dr. Matthews offers this procedure as well as dental implant surgery at his Austin dental office. Dental implants for full or partial dentures are recommended if you have yet to have your teeth pulled or have not had extensive bone deterioration due to the use of traditional dentures. Talk with him before making a decision.

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