The Early Detection of Diabetes in Teeth

diabetesIf you think back to the happy and distant days of your youth, you will probably remember that regular dental check ups were a fundamental part of your general health routine. In addition to visiting the family GP and local eye doctor, a trip to the dentist was a leading priority among parents nationwide, and one that most probably had you seeking cover beneath the bedclothes.

Times have changed considerably, however, with an increasing number of parents no longer treating their child’s oral care as a significant priority. This is in spite of a number of recent medical and scientific findings, which suggest that regular dental check ups play a pivotal role in identifying wider health issues such as diabetes and related heart complaints.

Detection of Diabetes by an Austin Dental Professional

In terms of the former, a recent study performed by the Journal of Dental Research at Columbia University has confirmed that a pre-diabetes determination can be made through a routine oral examination. This revelation has come at a time when U.S. citizens are developing Type 2 diabetes at a far faster rate then ever before, thanks to a combination of poor diet and an increasingly sedentary lifestyle. Simply by prioritizing a trip to the dentist for you and your early child, it is possible to increase the likelihood of early detection and ultimately long term prevention.

An estimated 530 respondents took part in the study, each of whom displayed at least one diabetes risk factor. They were then given a periodontal examination, after which they undertook a plasma glucose test to determine whether or not they had diabetes or pre-diabetes. Incredibly, the results showed that a combination of just two dental parameters (the number of missing teeth that a patient had and the percentage of periodontal pockets) was enough to successfully identify the presence of either pre-diabetes or diabetes.

The Future for Dental Check Up’s in the U.S.

This research not only supports the strong links between periodontal disease and the development of diabetes, but it also serves to reinforce the importance of regular dental check ups for both parents and their children. It is crucial that adults act responsibly and recognize the growing relationship between oral and general health, and prioritize a trip to the dentist as the regular occurrence that it ought to be. If you would like to seize the initiative and contact an Austin dentist today, then make the call to Dr. Dan Matthews and his highly respected practice.

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