Exercise Helps Combat Sleep Apnea

Exercise Combats Sleep ApneaSleep apnea can keep you up at night, and that’s a fact. Ask any apnea sufferer and they’ll tell you the same. However there’s been some research done recently that states that exercise may just be the thing that helps apnea patients get a full night’s sleep.

Researchers at the annual Sleep 2013 Meeting presented studies showing the benefits of exercise and a restful night’s sleep. Researchers say that non-exercisers are at the greatest risk for sleep apnea. Both your doctors and your dentist will whole-heartedly agree with this.

44% of non-exercisers are at a moderate risk of sleep apnea. Considering that’s almost half, that’s an awfully big chance to take.

Now, if you’re already suffering from sleep deprivation due to sleep apnea, the absolute first thing you need to do is seek a diagnosis from a sleep clinic and then get treatment from Austin cosmetic dentist Dr. Matthews. Once you’ve done that you’re likely to be given a sleep apnea appliance which of course must be used as directed. However, even with all this in your corner, exercise is going to be a big weapon in your arsenal to combat sleepless nights.

Rigorous exercisers reported the best sleep in the study, which isn’t a big revelation but it sets the bar. Not everyone has a day-to-day routine that allows for vigorous exercise so here are a few easy, practical suggestions.


Tips for Regular Exercise

If at all possible, try exercising first thing in the morning. In one study, morning workouts led to fewer disruptions in sleep. Just lay off the snooze bar and get some exercise. However if a long commute or anything else keeps that from being practical, exercising right before bed is almost as good.

Some people mistakenly believe that exercise before bed would keep them up. This, however, is a myth. Make sure you have a good half-hour cool-down period and you should be sleeping like a baby in no time.

Remember, apnea will only hurt your health if you let it. Dr. Matthews is there for you every step of the way to help treat your sleep apnea so if you haven’t already, make an appointment today.

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