Fun Dentist Facts: The History of Dentistry

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Dentistry is a complicated field of study, with lots of nooks and crannies. There are way too many subjects to cover in around five hundred words of blog, so we’ve put together a few of our favorite dentistry facts in short form!

We should say, these are by no means comprehensive. Dentistry is a whole wide world, after all–we need years and years of education to work in our field, and that covers a whole range of topics and specialties.

Dental science is a huge field– here are some of our favorite facts

Since our specialty at Dr. Matthews’ office is cosmetic and corrective dentistry, here’s one that really makes you think: did you know that the history of cosmetic and corrective dental surgery goes back as far as 13,000 years ago? It’s true! According to ice-age archaeologists, prehistoric dentists used beeswax and bitumen–a tar-like substance–as antiseptic and filling. The trick is, this was before the advent of metal tools, which means that all of the dental work had to be done with stone drills. Bet you’re grateful for modern technology now, right?

Speaking of old-fashioned dentistry, did you know that most dentures were actually just made of other teeth? For most of the history of dental work, dentures were made of either human or animal teeth, which were relatively durable and easy to come by. Fortunately for modern patients, Dr. Matthews provides state-of-the-art dentures. All synthetic, if you were worried!

That’s all in the past! Here are some dentist facts from the future

Did you know that a lot of modern dental procedures use lasers? In a step that happens to be about as far removed from animal teeth and stone tools as possible, a lot of dental procedures use lasers for a whole range of applications. From heat curing enamel, to imaging, to removing bacteria and whitening your tooth enamel, lasers are a great example of just how far dentistry has come. 2017 brought us a whole range of new developments in dentistry!

One of the biggest technological advancements we’re excited about is the advent of 3D printing. The applications of 3D printing technology, coupled with advancements in computer imaging, gives us the opportunity to make tailor-made dental implants, crowns, and fillings for a fraction of the cost. Combine this with advancements in material science, and you’ve got a recipe for high-end, tailor-made dental crowns, implants, and dentures that last longer than anything on the market today. And at a fraction of the cost! What a time to be a dentist!

Dr. Matthews has always been on the cutting edge of dentistry. If you’d like to see how we utilize modern dental technology, then visit our website for more information. Better yet, contact us for more information! And if you’re looking for a cosmetic dentist near Austin, TX, then schedule an appointment today.

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