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Teeth are an important part of an impressive personality. Some people are naturally blessed with beautiful teeth. But the ones who are not can always take help of a dentist to smile confidently. Cosmetic dentists play a very important role when it comes to getting a smile of your dreams. Mr. Dan Matthews is a cosmetic dentist in Austin, Texas, who is increasing your face value for years now. With the motto that life is too short to not to smile, he is busy making people’s smile beautiful like never before.

Cosmetic dentistry is a branch of dentistry which solely deals with enhancing beauty and bringing perfection to your teeth. Dr. Dan Matthews is one of the well-known dentists in Austin who is successfully doing this for people. Teeth carry lots of important since old times. Let’s have a look at few facts about teeth.

Teeth Give Forensic Evidence of Black Death

Bubonic plague is a deadly disease that has had a significant impact on history. It was considered a cause of death of so many people during middle ages that it was named the Black Death. Over a span of just four years, the Black Death killed 25 million Europeans – almost half the population. This disease was caused by a bacteria called Yersinia pestis. In the modern day, when after ages the bodies of people who were exhumed during that era because of alleged plague were recovered, their tooth pulp was extracted for study purposes. Why tooth pulp? Because teeth are highly resistant to decompensation. When the studies were carried out, it was found that Yersinia pestis was a cause of death of some, not all! So teeth can give very valuable information even after ages!

Dentist Celebrates Oscar Win with Toothpaste

Julia Roberts, a very well-known actress with a brilliant smile, won the Best Actress Oscar for her role in Erin Brockovich. Her dentist, Dr. Ted Aspes, believed so much in her smile that he had ordered 10,000 tubes of mint flavored Crest toothpaste to gift his young patients even before the Oscar was given. So a beautiful smile can take you places!

Historic Teeth are Collectible

History shows that human teeth that belonged to well-known personalities were sold for thousands of dollars. The most expensive tooth belong to Sir. Isaac Newton that was sold for $3,633.00 in 1816. It was set in a ring.

There are a lot more fun facts about teeth in the history and such facts emerge every now and then, reminding us how important teeth are. A beautiful smile is important and so are the people who help us keep it beautiful. Dr. Dan Matthews is one of such people who is distributing smiles. It is high time that we take an action and reach out Dr. Dan Matthews. Book an appointment today and bring back those bright and confident smiles!

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