Got Calcium?

Calcium from orange juice
We all know on some level that calcium is important to our health, but you may not know why. You may also be surprised to know that a common delivery method for calcium may be ineffective, according to a new study conducted by a medical panel at Creighton University.

Almost everything from soy to orange juice is fortified with calcium but the recent study shows that up to 75% of the added calcium gets left at the bottom of the carton. The researchers concluded that despite vigorous shaking, per the label’s instructions, it wasn’t enough to mix the supplemented calcium without it settling to the bottom of the container. This basically means that you’re most likely throwing away the specific reason you bought this beverage in the first place.

Kids and Calcium

If you’re a parent this becomes even more important, considering kids aren’t banging the door down to drink soy milk. This article is not intended to endorse the milk industry but facts are facts, milk is probably the most effective delivery method for calcium, especially for kids.

The study sheds light on something that is a growing concern for American parents, kids aren’t getting enough calcium. Government studies show that 86% of teens aren’t getting enough calcium either and that’s not surprising considering the usual suspects of drinks marketed to kids. This doesn’t just apply to teens – it also affects your younger kids, too.

Insufficient calcium levels do not produce obvious symptoms right away because the body can maintain calcium from bone marrow. However, in children who are still needing to build bone mass this can be very detrimental. The human body needs calcium for muscles to develop and move properly and also for nerves to carry messages to the brain and body.

For infants and children calcium, is essential for developing teeth. About 1/3 of your child’s teeth are formed of calcium. A shortage of calcium can affect how their teeth can develop. Teeth are part of your body’s bone makeup, so the body can leech calcium from them also. When that happens your child is more likely to get cavities and have other dental problems.

None of this is intended to deter you from any specific product, but you should be mindful of the vital role that calcium plays in not only your dental health but your children’s dental health as well. For the best dental health get plenty of calcium in your diet and visit Austin dentist, Dr. Dan Matthews on a regular basis.

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