Grillz, Grillz, Grillz

Playaz GrillzIf you’ve read any magazines or watched TV you’ve seen rappers, musicians and even actors wearing mouth “grillz.” Usually it’s a bejeweled or gold-plated mouth piece that fits over the teeth but it has the appearance of jeweled dental work. It could be viewed as a passing fad for a younger generation but even some of the older and more established icons are now doing it.

Recently in Rome the pop icon Madonna showed up at a premiere rocking a grill. Now to be fair it was just a mouth piece and not actual gold or gemmed teeth but it was still a shocker to see Madonna looking like the James Bond villain Jaws.

Grillz, A BAD IDEA

From a dental standpoint there’s a lot wrong with this look. First of all wearing anything encrusted in metal on your actual teeth is a really bad idea. Braces are one thing because they serve a dental purpose, that is to straighten your teeth and are built to not damage them but this type of mouth piece could damage your teeth in any number of ways.

What’s even worse is that some people actually go the whole way and have diamonds or other gems drilled into their actual teeth. If not done properly this will ultimately lead to cracked teeth or an entire laundry list of problems.

The biggest problem with even a mouth piece is the same downfall people with tongue and lip piercings could potentially have. When the metal or anything else rubs against real teeth they can chip away at the tooth itself or wear away at the enamel.

Now the risk of actually implanting this stuff into your mouth is pretty obvious. So as a suggestion, grills, mouthpieces or even the full implantation, in almost all cases is a really bad dental decision. Not to mention it looks pretty ridiculous, especially on people who should be old enough to know better.

If you still want to consider this or have any other questions about this or any other cosmetic dentistry talk to Dr. Matthews today. Remember also that cosmetic dentistry can potentially enrich your life and there are many options for you to improve your smile, but perhaps maybe keep the bling on your wrists and around your neck, and not in your mouth.

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