Hops in Beer May Fight Cavities

Beer at Bangers in AustinMany people enjoy the occasional beer and, in moderation of course, there’s nothing wrong with that. However beer, or at least one of its byproducts may have remarkable dental and even overall health benefits according to some recent scientific studies.

Apparently hop leaves, especially those unfit for the actual brewing process, contain some highly potent antioxidants.

Dental Benefits

Researchers at the Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Sciences recently discovered that some of these healthy antioxidants can go a long way to aide in the fight against gum disease and cavities.

These cavity fighters are extracted mostly from the discarded portion of hops, known as bracts. Now, and please take note, the potent antioxidants are in the leavings, not so much the actual hops in beer. So don’t go chugging down beer by the case in hopes that your teeth will become magically healthier.

The researchers used a technique called chromatography to separate three new compounds, and 20 already-known compounds that were discovered for the first time in hops.

The extracts from bracts actually prevent bacteria from adhering to your teeth and even other dental surfaces like crowns and fillings. Other antioxidants help prevent the release of harmful toxins known to enhance bacterial growth in the human mouth.

Other Health Benefits

Some of these antioxidants may in fact have some other health benefits aside from fighting cavities. Besides its uses for bittering beer, hops is sometimes used for holistic or herbal remedies.

Hops is most often used as a substitute for Valerian Root, which is an herb that has been proven to help with such things as insomnia, anxiety and restlessness. The hops is boiled into a tea and drank to help treat not only these symptoms but now it can also aide in cavity fighting as well.

So the next time you decide to have a cold beer, be sure to remember some of the other healthful benefits of hops as well. And if you are experiencing any problems with your dental health don’t just leave it to the hops, call Dr. Matthews and make an appointment today for a checkup.

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