How Many Teeth Do You Have?

TonesIf you’ve ever wondered how many teeth you have, it’s pretty easy to find out. All you have to do is Google “how many teeth do humans have” and bang! You get the answer. We can spare you the search however, the answer is 32. Now, the bigger question is “will you keep them?”

Have you ever stopped while chewing food and wondered if you are, in fact, using every one of those teeth? Yes, you do in fact use all of them. If, for some reason, you don’t believe us ask anyone who has less than 32 teeth, they will all tell you it’s now harder to chew almost anything they were easily able to chew through before.

Now, it is true that over the millennia the uses of these teeth have changed. A few thousand years ago, people did a lot of gathering to get their food. This made it necessary to chew a lot harder foods. People back then ate things you wouldn’t believe, now.

With the advent of science and progress, people in most areas of the world now have access to all sorts of different foods with different textures. But that doesn’t mean your teeth are like your appendix, a basically obsolete part of your body. Evolution has yet to make any one of your teeth a thing of the past.

The truly interesting thing about all of this, since we are on the subject of progress and science, is the change in human longevity. With greater health care and medical advancements have come longer life spans but, here’s the kicker, our teeth as they are naturally can’t keep up.

Over time our teeth are just naturally worn down and damaged, which leads to decay. Once your tooth decays, that’s it, no more tooth! Luckily, there have also been some big advancements in dentistry including dentures and implants but as our need for our natural teeth remains, the natural life-span of a set of teeth with minimal to no care, will not last our lifetime.

So yes, Google can tell you “you have 32 teeth,” however it’s Austin Dentist Dr. Matthews’ job and yours to make sure you do the upkeep and actually retain them. Together with Dr. Matthews’ help, you can hopefully keep all 32 pearly whites right where they belong.

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