How To Prevent Cavities

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Nobody wants to get cavities, as there’s nothing fun about getting them filled at the dentist. To prevent cavities, you want to take good care of your teeth, but how do you actually do this in the most effective way to prevent cavities from forming in your teeth? We’ve got the answer for you.

Brushing with a fluoride toothpaste

You probably know it’s important to regularly brush your teeth in order to keep them healthy, but you also need to use the right kind of toothpaste. Fluoride will prevent or even reverse tooth decay, and thus the formation of cavities. Fluoride can prevent mineral loss in your teeth and can replace lost minerals. On top of this, it prevents bacteria from creating teeth-damaging acid. To reap the benefits from fluoride you would need to brush twice a day for at least two minutes.


Some of us have learned you need to floss each day while others don’t see the point of it. In reality, flossing is very important. Flossing will remove bacteria from places that your toothbrush can’t reach and will thus prevent tooth decay and the forming of cavities. You want to floss your teeth at least once a day to prevent tooth decay.

Don’t Skip Your Austin Dentist Appointment

Some of us have to go to the dentist to get cavities fixed, but going in the first place can also prevent them. When there is a lot of plaque build-up on your teeth, your Austin dentist can perform a dental cleaning to remove all these plaques and thus prevent them from forming cavities. I’d recommend you to see your dentist at twice a year to keep your teeth in good condition.

Watch Your Diet to Prevent Cavities

The kind of food can have a big impact on tooth decay in your mouth. Snacking regularly will speed up tooth decay, as acids are constantly applied to your teeth and they can cause cavities. Sweets will speed up tooth decay even further and should be totally avoided if you have teeth that form cavities quickly. It’s best to eat no more than three to four times a day, or at least stick to healthy snacks when you do snack.

Nobody wants to find out they have a cavity, so it’s important that you take good care of your teeth and prevent cavities. If you suspect that you have a cavity, or that you’ll have cavity soon, then I urge you to visit our contact page and make an appointment with Dr. Dan Matthews at his Austin office. He’ll be able to provide you with a dental cleaning or fix the cavity.

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