Ideal Protein: The Ideal Way to Lose Weight and Stay Healthy

With such a plethora of weight loss techniques and diets employed throughout the world, it can be difficult to prioritize one that offers the most sustainable long term results. One of the reasons for this is that many diet options have been designed to achieve quick and instant weight loss, but offer you no guidance on how to change your lifestyle or maintain a consistently healthy body mass. This completely ignores the fact that sustaining an ideal body weight is the most difficult challenge that you face as a dieter, and if you fail to address this then you may find yourself forever trapped in a cycle of fluctuating weight.

Ideal Protein is a concept that is relatively new to the consumer market, and it is one of the first diet solutions to focus on maintaining a core, healthy body weight. This French innovation has its origins in performance sports, and the nations Olympians are thought to incorporate it as a key part of their training diet. It differs from other diet solutions in that it emphasizes the need to lose fat percentage rather than a specific volume of weight, and therefore promotes the consumption of protein based foods as opposed to low calorie alternatives.

While a low calorie diet may well prompt swift weight loss, the issue is that this includes the loss of muscle, tissue and lean body mass in addition to unwanted fat. Muscle volume just happens to be the key fat burning engine in the human body, and retaining it is therefore critical to your ability to sustain a healthy weight once you have shed any excess pounds that you were carrying. The progressive loss of lean body mass only serves to perpetuate periods of binge dieting and subsequent weight gain, and by diminishing fat percentage and protecting muscle volume Ideal Protein is offering dieters a genuinely sustainable, safe and lifelong solution.

Available through Dr. Dan Matthews dental office in Austin, Texas, Ideal Protein has the potential to revolutionize dieting and cultivate a healthy approach to weight loss and long term wellness. Although it may not be a dental service or product, it is reflective of Dr. Matthews attitude towards general health and how he envisages his own role as someone who can bring improvement to all areas of his patients lives. To uncover more about Ideal Protein and why it is referred to as ’the last diet’, why not call into Dr. Matthew’s office today?


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