The Importance of Oral Health: The Lessons to be Learned from Previous Generations

Weathered SmileIs there anything that you have done in your life that you have regretted? If not, then perhaps there are missed opportunities that you wish you had taken advantage of while you were young? These feelings can be a source of significant discontentment in your old age, and may ultimately have a damaging effect on your long awaited retirement.

If you are anything like senior citizens in the UK, then you may well regret the lack of emphasis that you placed on maintaining good dental health during your youth. According to recent research, this is the case for an estimated 6 out of every ten UK citizens aged over 55, which suggests that there are lessons to be learned for the current generation of young adults across the globe.

A Generational Issue: The Difference between Young and Old

The findings, published by the British Dental Health Foundation, provide a start contrast between young and old within the UK. In terms of the latter, it is estimated that one in five UK residents wear full or partial dentures, with a total of 2.5 million citizens living without any natural teeth at all. In comparison, the young adult demographic in Britain is becoming increasingly image conscious about the appearance of their teeth, with 67% of individuals aged between 16 and 24 considering oral health as a leading priority.

These differences in dental health are most likely caused by a wider generational issue, and one that has significant relevance throughout the world. It should be remembered that today’s over 55 demographic grew up in a less empowering and informed environment, where health and dental education was not widely accessible. Over time, scientific, medical and technological advancement has ensured that people are now far more self aware, with young adults in particular keen to learn the lessons of history and evolution.

Take Care of Your Teeth Before It’s Too Late

The results of this survey suggest that today’s generation of young adults are learning from the experience of their elders, while making the most of the wealth of healthcare information that is now available to them. This bodes well for their future, in terms of sustaining both oral and general well being.

In addition to this, all may not be lost for senior citizens who are suffering with the effects of long term tooth decay or gum disease. While they may have neglected their oral health during their youth, dental implants provide an increasingly sophisticated and affordable solution in 2012, and one which can help them to recapture a gleaming white smile.

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