Importance of Vitamin D in Dental Implant Success

sunshine - vitamin D
You may be considering dental implants in order to resolve an issue caused by losing one or more teeth. Gaps created by teeth loss may produce issues with your bite, cause moving of other teeth or even cause pain and discomfort while you eat. If you consider dental implants as a final and long-lasting solution to your problem, you may want to know how to use vitamin D to maximally increase the chances of dental implant success.

Vitamin D is essential for regulating the serum levels of calcium and phosphorus. These two minerals play a significant role in maintaining bone health. Our body produces the active form of vitamin D when we are exposed to sunlight. Therefore, if you want to keep your bones in a healthy condition, don’t forget to take a walk during a sunny day on a regular basis. Nutrients such as eggs, oily fish, and red meat are enriched with vitamin D. If you don’t consume these foods in sufficient amounts, you may want to consider taking vitamin D supplements. Due to its significance in bone development and mineralization, vitamin D has a substantial role in increasing the success of dental implants.

Many Americans are deficient in the vitamin.  While Austin, Texas is below the 37th parallel – at a low enough latitude that getting vitamin D from the sun is possible, the amount of sunshine you get is still largely dependent on your lifestyle.   Modern city dwellers with office jobs still may not see the sun enough to have sufficient vitamin D.

How does vitamin D increase the success of dental implants?

As already mentioned, sufficient amounts of vitamin D are essential for the maintenance and improvement of the health of bones and joints. For this reason, the durability of dental implants is highly dependent on blood vitamin D levels. A proper integration of implants into the jaw is quite important for the overall success of the procedure. You can improve the implant integration by ensuring that the levels of vitamin D in your blood are within the reference range. It is important to emphasize that the “sunny vitamin” also boosts gum health. Vitamin D stimulates the production of compounds that decrease the number of bacteria in your mouth. Take care of your gum health and clean them on the regular basis, since healthy gums are important to secure the durability of implants.

How to ensure a proper serum level of vitamin D?

Consuming nutrients enriched with vitamin D such as oily fish, eggs, and milk products enriched with this vitamin is a part of the process. You may also consider taking vitamin D supplements. Take a walk each sunny day for half an hour, but avoid being outdoors during peak hours.

Consult with your Dr. Matthews regarding the importance of vitamin D for the long-term success of dental implants. By increasing the intake of this vitamin you will also boost your cardiovascular health, and improve the status of your immune system.

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