Kid Wins $10,000 in Toothpaste Contest

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Kevin McAffe, an eight year old boy from Jacksonville, Florida, recently won an art contest by Tom’s of Maine, an all-natural toothpaste manufacturer.

His artwork, depicting the tooth fairy traveling from her castle to retrieve the teeth from children all over the world, was selected from a large group of entries. But here’s the thing that sets this eight year old contest winner apart from most; upon winning the contest he requested his $10,000 winnings to be donated to the Sulzbacher Center for the Homeless.

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The Sulzbacher Center strives to aid the homeless in its area by supplying all sorts of services, including dental care.

According to Allison Vega, the center couldn’t have asked for better timing for this donation. “Kevin’s donation meant the world to our center, we had no idea how we were going to afford to fix our x-ray machine and Kevin’s donation came in the nick of time.”

Kevin McAfee actually entered the contest with donating the winnings to the center in mind. Kevin and both of his parents volunteer at the center on a regular basis and he and his family saw how much the center needed some monetary help.

Kevin has also won some fairly prestigious awards for his artistic talent, including being selected by First Lady Michelle Obama as one of the two co-winners in the White House Easter Egg Roll poster contest. Not bad for a seven year old.

It’s also worth noting that the Tom’s of Maine contest selected 10 winners altogether, with the winnings also to be dispersed amongst charitable donation recipients.

Kevin’s mother, Seana McAffe had this to say about how she instills charitable values to her children, “We do it on rainy days and Sunday and Saturday afternoons when I don’t want them playing video games. He loves it and he loves to do it and it’s good for him and we almost won every single one.”

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