Latest Japanese Fad of Yaeba is made Possible Through Cosmetic Dentistry

It’s no secret that Americans spend all sorts of money each year on cosmetic dentistry to achieve the perfect smile.  However, the Japanese have adopted another point of view when it comes to straight teeth.

According to an article in The New York Times, there is a new trend sweeping across Japan where girls with nice straight teeth are seeking out cosmetic dentistry to actually make their teeth look crooked and crowed.  In America, we call this the “snaggletooth” look, but in Japan the trend has been dubbed as Yaeba, which translates to “double teeth.”

The reason given to support this new trend is a desire to obtain a more “imperfect” look.  It is thought that if a girl’s looks are not perfect, then she appears to be a more endearing and approachable, therefore having a greater appeal to Japanese men.

Japan is All About Girls With Fangs

In order to achieve Yaeba teeth, Japanese dentists have developed a way to cosmetically alter the mouth through the use of artificial teeth called Tsuke-yaeba, or stick-on crooked teeth.  They are applied to the natural teeth with non-permanent glue and color-matched to the patient’s real teeth.  They cost approximately $390 American dollars.

There is little known about any long-term consequences or side effects from the stick-on teeth, but one seemingly disgruntled Japanese orthodontist claims that teeth naturally have holes in them in order to breathe, and that covering them is a bad idea.

Looking at this growing foreign trend through the eyes of an American, where straight teeth are desirable, it is possible that Yaeba teeth are just another example of humans not being satisfied with what they were born with and seeking out modern day measures to correct this.  It is also possible that this trend it is just a bazaar way to attract the opposite sex.

From a purely subjective aesthetic viewpoint, Yaeba teeth are a new option in cosmetic dentistry on the same level as asking a dentist to install a gold grill, diamonds, or even vampire fangs in teeth.  All of which have been successfully performed in the past!

As with most fads, Yaeba teeth will probably fade away within the next year or so. There is probably a slim chance it will ever catch on in the United States where the desire for perfect straight teeth is still going strong.  Therefore, if you are looking for trusted, professional, and natural cosmetic dentistry in Austin, Dr. Dan Matthews is your go-to cosmetic dentist.  His Austin dental office offers: tooth whitening, dental bonding, porcelain veneers, smile makeovers, white fillings, dental implants, Invisalign and others.

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