Lifestyle Changes – A Common Sense Fix For Sleep Apnea

To put it simply, change is hard, and it’s safe to say that all of us could make some sort of change within our lives for the better. Old habits are hard to kick and you surely know someone who smokes, drinks, or would rather watch TV and snack on chips opposed to running a mile around the block. While none of us are flawless, it’s obvious that change is a hard thing to do. Take for instance smokers. Smokers are generally well aware of how dangerous and health detrimental the habit can be, yet many of them still continue to smoke. The same goes for those who drink excessively and for those who are overweight.

A study found that at least 40% of smokers who live through a heart attack are still smoking a year later. Studies have also shown that out of 1,200 overweight men and women, a year later, many of them had only lost 0.2% of their body weight. Even those people who had suffered through heart attacks, cancer, and other conditions still neglect the importance of change. However, many seem to underestimate the true importance of making a healthy lifestyle change.

Take smoking for instance. Smoking is known to wreck havoc on the body. In fact, quitting smoking lessens your risks of suffering from emphysema, diabetes, and other conditions. Not smoking can also improve your overall health as the habit is known to further add to certain conditions such as sleep apnea.

So why don’t people change when the change will obviously benefit them two-fold? Many believe that it is hard to change because people are either afraid of change, don’t know how to change, or don’t have the right support system in place to encourage them and provide help when needed. Many find that making small changes first is the best way to move towards a larger goal.

No matter if you’re a smoker or if you’re overweight, there are certain changes that can be made and should be made, especially if you suffer from sleep apnea. Both smoking and excessive weight are known to add to the complications of sleep apnea. If you want to change your life for the better, sleep apnea treatment is best, especially when paired with positive lifestyle changes. Call Austin Dentist Dr. Dan Matthews’ dental office today or schedule an appointment to get the information and support you need.

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