Nanocrystals: New Denture Technology to Make Dentures Beautiful

Watching nanocrystals growDentures are a great option for those who wish to replace lost teeth, allowing us to continue eating the foods that we want for much longer. Denture technology has improved significantly over the years, yielding to breakthroughs such as The Denture Fountain of Youth™ that not only replace the teeth, but give the wearer a much younger appearance. Slowly but surely these breakthroughs in cosmetic dentistry are allowing denture wearers more flexibility in what they want in their smile, including a new type of tooth that looks as close to the real thing as it can using nanocrystal technology.

Recent work conducted by Professor Dr. Christian Rüssel and his team of the Otto-Schott- Institute for Glass Chemistry has revealed a new glass ceramic made with nanocrystals that has been termed a great new type of denture. The nanocrystalline composition, which is made up of magnesium, aluminum and silicon oxide, has been said to be five times the strength of regular ceramic dentures. The composition also has a resonance and translucence that resembles the enamel on natural teeth.

The key to the amazing look and feel of these teeth lies within the nanocrystals themselves. In order to maintain a glass that is not too shiny or too dull, Rüssel’s team provides consistent nanocrystals throughout the glass that are each only 100 nanometers in size. This prevents too much light being dispersed from the glass and gives the tooth a more translucent look rather than a mirror effect that bigger bits of glass reflect.

Nanocrystal Dentures Still In Development Stage

Though nanocrystal dentures are still in the developmental process, there are plenty of denture options available to those in need of teeth replacements such as The Denture Fountain of Youth®, a revolutionary denture that not only creates a beautiful smile but also works with your jaw muscles to give your face a natural lift without expensive surgery. Call Dr. Dan Matthews at his dental office in Austin to learn more about the latest denture options and to see if FOY Dentures™ are right for you.

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