Alternative TMJ Therapy

Let’s face it; not everything works for everyone. In the case of treating TMJ, some people don’t want to undergo invasive TMJ surgery, and some patients prefer not to us a bite splint for the rest of their lives. Patients vary when it comes to a problem with their TMJ; some have a very severe misalignment while others have a very small imbalance this is just enough to cause headaches, jaw pain, and other TMJ symptoms. While this may be frustrating to the patient, Dr. Matthews often stresses that there are alternative TMJ therapy options in Austin for those who need to try something else.

TMJ Therapy Options


After wearing a neuromuscular orthotic designed by Dr. Matthews to “dial in” the bite to a correct position, some patients may be candidates for coronoplasty. Coronoplasty involves reshaping the enamel that is at the top of the teeth so that the bite can be realigned to the new bite created by the orthotic. Dr. Matthews may remove tooth structure from some parts of the bite, and may build up the bite in other places using dental bonding or dental crowns. This alternative therapy is suitable for patients who have a small problem with their bite. More severe cases will require another type of tmj therapy.

Full Mouth Reconstruction

Full mouth reconstruction is a “two-for-one” procedure. Full mouth reconstruction involves using veneers, dental crowns, bridges, and other items that will be used to restore your teeth so that they are positioned to allow for a more ideal bite. At the same time, full mouth reconstruction will also leave you with a completely rejuvenated smile. Remember, a beautiful smile is a healthy smile, and full mouth reconstruction TMJ therapy accomplishes both smile goals.

Permanent TMJ Surgery Options

Surgery is also a TMJ therapy option, but patients should be aware that TMJ surgery should be a last resort method used only if all other TMJ therapy options fail or if the TMJ disorder is determined to originate from some source other than the bite. TMJ surgery is invasive and irreversible, but for some patients, it is the right therapy for them. It’s just important to do your research and be sure to rule out malocclusion as the cause of your TMJ disorder by visiting a neuromuscular dentist.

Don’t Give Up Because Of Failed TMJ Therapy in the Past!

If you are seeking alternative TMJ therapy in Austin, we are your go to dental practice! Dr. Matthews, a skilled neuromuscular dentist, has plenty of experience in treating TMJ patients that require different types of TMJ therapy. If the TMJ treatment you were given has not worked as planned, don’t get discouraged, and don’t continue to suffer. There are proven alternatives to treat your TMJ for good. Patients can reach us at (512) 452-2273 or you can contact us online.

Dr. Matthews is a general dentist.

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