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You surely know what a mouthguard is no matter if you’ve worn one personally or seen athletes wearing them. Mouthguards are common in many sports, especially those that are deemed to be full contact games. Traditionally, a mouthguard is worn to protect the teeth as oral trauma and injury are all too common in many athletic events. Protection for your teeth, lips, gums, and other parts of your mouth is most definitely a must have if you want to maintain a healthy smile.

However, thanks to advances in dentistry, mouthguards can do more than just offer protection. They can actually enhance performance by correcting a misaligned or imbalanced bite, a problem that can decrease your athletic success.

Neuromuscular Mouthguards – More Than Just Oral Protection

So what can a neuromuscular mouthguard do for you? If you’re an athlete, a neuromuscular mouthguard may work wonders for your game (whatever it is), if you suffer from an imbalanced bite. Your bite alignment plays a large part in your sporting success. In fact, athletes who suffer from a bad bite who switch to a neuromuscular mouthguard often experience all sorts of improvements including:

  • More strength and speed
  • Higher levels of endurance
  • More range of motion and agility
  • Quicker recovery time
  • Improved balance

Improve Your Game With A Neuromuscular Mouthguard

While it may not seem like a likely connection, your jaw’s position can truly affect how successful you are athletically. If you want to improve your endurance and speed, a neuromuscular mouthguard may be just what you need. Dr. Matthews can fit you with a mouthguard to protect your teeth as well as to improve your overall athletic performance. Call us at (512) 452-2273 or contact us online to schedule an appointment time.


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