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If you’re a chronic snorer, you probably know it, not because you hear it, but because those around you complain and make fun of your nightly noisemaking. While, for some people, snoring is a temporary condition caused by a respiratory infection, allergies, or a poor sleeping position, other patients find that their snoring is a nightly occurrence that has to stop. If you are snoring Austin dentist Dan Matthews has treatment available.

Snoring May Be More Than Just a Noise

The problem with snoring is that most patients choose to ignore it, despite the numerous complaints they may hear about it. Snoring can easily awaken someone else from their sleep and can even be the cause of sleep deprivation for all parties involved. Though snoring may seem harmless, those patients who snore throughout the night on a daily basis may be suffering from a deadly condition called sleep apnea.

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Initially, there is no saying whether or not your snoring Austin is a symptom of sleep apnea or if it is a simple condition that can be treated on its own. It’s important that your snoring is properly diagnosed by way of a sleep study with the help of a sleep physician. Once properly diagnosed, Dr. Matthews can treat snoring using an anti-snoring mouthpiece.

Snore No More with Snoring Treatment

Don’t ignore your snoring problem. If you find that you have been snoring with no end in sight, now is a great time to do something about it. For some patients, snoring is simply due to a poor sleeping position that leaves the soft palate vulnerable to collapsing. For others, snoring is a symptom of sleep apnea which requires sleep apnea treatment. Contact us online today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Matthews or call us now at (512) 452-2273.

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