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Though you may not think of it, everything within our bodies is connected in some way or another. Our bodies are nothing short of complex to say the least, which is what makes neuromuscular dentistry so important. With a dozen organs, 209 bones, millions of nerves, and billions of neurons, the intricacy of the body can be a tricky to manage. Take for instance something as seemingly basic as the jaw joint, also known as the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). Without previous knowledge, would you ever think that an imbalance within your jaw joint could cause migraines, tinnitus, and neck pain? Better known as TMJ disorder, an imbalance in the jaw joint caused by malocclusion (a “bad bite”) can spark all sorts of problems and discomfort in other parts of the body.

TMJ Disorder – Is It Affecting Your Life?

If you have TMJ, you will more than likely have all sorts of symptoms. Sadly a lot of times the symptoms of TMJ are either improperly diagnosed or remain undiagnosed altogether. Because the symptoms are not life-threatening and sometimes come and go, patients often ignore them and depend on treatment methods, such as the use of over-the-counter painkillers, as a solution to the problem.

However, if you suffer from any of the following symptoms for a long period of time without any sort of relief, now is the best time to be tested for TMJ disorder at our Austin dental office. Dr. Matthews will work with you to give you a proper diagnosis followed by treatment that gets rid of your symptoms in no time. Some of the most commonly noted TMJ symptoms include:

If you suffer from any of these symptoms and have yet to find treatment that works, now is a great time to be tested for TMJ disorder by TMJ dentist, Dr. Dan Matthews. You can count on Dr. Matthews not only for a diagnosis but also for a treatment method that provides lasting relief.

Treating TMD in Austin

The most common method used to treat TMD is the use of a bite splint, also called a neuromuscular orthotic. This appliance is used to bring the jaw joint into a more suitable position and then keep it there so that your muscles eventually learn and adapt to a more ideal location when your mouth is closed. This TMJ therapy has proven to be an effective alternative to invasive TMJ treatments such as surgery, and provides more lasting relief than a bottle of pain killers. Dr. Matthews works closely with all TMJ patients to ensure that their condition is properly treated and that the symptoms are no longer interfering with everyday life.

TMJ Disorder Requires Professionalized Treatment – We Can Help!

TMJ disorder is not a condition that will go away on its own. Without proper treatment your TMJ will remain imbalanced or, in the case of patients who grind their teeth, your body will take drastic measures, at the expense of your teeth, to find a balanced position on its own. If you’re ready to treat your TMD in Austin just call our dental office at (512) 452-2273 or contact us online. We assure you that we have the treatment you need to keep your jaw in an ideal position which will then eliminate all symptoms related to TMJ disorder.

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