Facial Pain

TMD is a tricky condition. It can cause all sorts of symptoms that, to many patients, seem highly unrelated.Facial pain is one of the many symptoms of TMD that is commonly overlooked in such a way. If you suffer from facial pain and have yet to find any true, lasting relief, it may be time to look into TMJ disorder as a possible cause of your facial pain.

Facial Pain and An Imbalanced Jaw Joint

When the body detects a problem within the TMJ, it will automatically try to bring it back into an ideal position. However, this often causes a high amount of tension and pressure that causes pain and discomfort. These sensations radiate throughout the surrounding area, including the face, neck, and head because the TMJ is directly connected to these parts of the body through tendons, nerves, and other tissues. Because of this connection, what you may think is sinus pain may actually be facial pain caused by TMJ disorder.

Ready to End Your Facial Pain?

Facial pain, though often treated with over-the-counter medications (and perhaps even potentially-addictive prescription drugs), will not go away on its own, especially if it is due to a problem with your TMJ. Suffering from facial pain can end today with a call to our dental office. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Matthews. We can be reached at (512) 452-2273. Patients can also book an appointment online.

Dr. Matthews is a general dentist.

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