Headaches in Austin

We’ve all had a headache before. They can be caused by all sorts of factors. From a lack of sleep to excessive stress, headaches are a common occurrence in society today. However, headaches are usually temporary and should not be chronic. If you find that you suffer from headaches on a weekly or perhaps even daily basis and have yet to find a treatment that relieves them completely, your headaches may be caused by TMJ disorder or TMD.

Treating TMJ Headaches At Our Austin Office

Before your headaches can be linked to a problem within your TMJ, Dr. Matthews will have to analyze your bite. If he finds an imbalance or misalignment, it is safe to say that your headaches may be a result of your body’s attempt to realign your jaw joint. As the body tries to reposition the TMJ, tension is created, which can then travel throughout the body. Since the TMJ is directly connected to the head and neck through muscles, tendons, and nerves, it is common that these areas are affected.

Come to Dr. Matthews for the Solution to Your Headaches

The best and easiest way to find the right treatment for your headaches is through proper diagnosis. Dr. Matthews has plenty of experience treating TMJ headaches in Austin and can provide you with the necessary treatment to correct your bite if that is the cause of your headaches. Once your TMJ is treated, your TMJ headaches will disappear. Call our Austin dental office today to schedule a TMJ evaluation. We can be contacted at (512) 452-2273 or patients can contact us online.

Dr. Matthews is a general dentist.

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