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Do you suffer from undiagnosed jaw pain? Have you found that no one has been able to properly diagnose your jaw pain, and over-the-counter medications are just not doing the job anymore? If you want a professional who can diagnose and treat your jaw pain in Austin, look no further than Dr. Dan Matthews. Dr. Matthews is experienced in neuromuscular dentistry and he knows that constant unending jaw pain is usually a sign of a problem within the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). When the TMJ is off balance, patients suffer from a condition known as TMJ disorder or TMD.

TMD and Jaw Pain

Since TMD is a condition located within the jaw area, it is no surprise that jaw pain is a common TMJ symptom. Due to the imbalance within the TMJ, the body naturally attempts to realign the joint to bring it into a more ideal position. This is done unconsciously and even though this is the idea behind treating TMD, the body’s natural technique to fix the problem often only leads to discomfort, such as jaw pain and worn teeth from grinding (also called bruxism). The body’s fight to move the jaw joint into the right position creates all sorts of tension and pressure: the culprit behind jaw pain and other TMJ symptoms.

Thankfully, with a proper diagnosis and TMJ treatment, jaw pain can become a thing of the past. No longer will you have to deal with jaw pain that never seems to go away completely! You can count on Dr. Matthews to get rid of your jaw pain.

Jaw Pain – End It Today

Don’t let jaw pain ruin another day for you! With the right treatment you won’t have to suffer anymore. For the jaw pain relief you need, come to Dr. Matthews, a neuromuscular and cosmetic dentist practicing out of Austin. Don’t wait any longer; call our office today at (512) 452-2273 or contact us online to put an end to your jaw pain.

Dr. Matthews is a general dentist.

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