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Similarly to typical headaches, migraines can be caused by a problem within the TMJ because the jaw joint is connected to the neck and skull. Migraines Austin and TMJ headaches are often confused. Both are much more painful than a normal headache, and because migraines in Austin are famously difficult to treat, failed migraine treatment isn’t always followed up by additional causative research, that is, until the patient is fed up with the pain and wants answers! Dr. Matthews may have the answer that you’re looking for. Contact our office today!

Even though migraines Austin, as a whole, are still relatively mysterious, if you suffer from other symptoms such as jaw pain or neck pain along with migraine-strength headaches, the problem may be caused by an imbalance within the jaw joint due to a “bad bite” where your teeth aren’t ideally positioned. For some patients, these “migraines” can be debilitating and reoccurring without end and don’t respond well to traditional migraine treatment because they aren’t migraines at all.

Solve Your “Migraines” with TMJ Treatment

Migraine-strength headaches are not something that anyone wants to suffer through, let alone on a chronic basis. If you have been suffering from migraines without relief, call our Austin office today at (512) 452-2273 or contact us online.

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