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Neck pain can be a sign that you slept wrong at night or maybe you somehow pulled a muscle in your neck when doing manual work. When neck pain is temporary, most people rarely think twice of it. However, if you have constant neck pain that comes and goes but never goes away completely, there may be a more severe condition at hand. Continuous neck pain may be a symptom of TMD, a condition that occurs when there is an imbalance in the jaw joint that the body attempts to correct. In many patients, it does so by compensating in the body’s posture. Patients regularly hold their heads forward rather than keeping their necks straight.

As the body tries to reposition the jaw joint into a more ideal position, and continues to compensate to eliminate the imbalance, the constant work causes a build-up of tension and pressure. This tension and pressure can affect the jaw joint as well as other parts of the body, especially those that are connected to the TMJ, which can then cause things such as headaches, jaw pain, ringing in the ears, and of course, neck pain.

Though you may not immediates connect neck pain with something going wrong in the jaw joint, several nerves, tendons, and muscles between the two are linked, therefore allowing the tension and pressure to affect the neck and many other body parts.

Neck Pain Is Truly A Pain In The Neck!

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