What Is A Neuromuscular Dentist?

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A neuromuscular dentist Austin is like any other dentist you can visit on a routine basis except neuromuscular dentists have much more experience, and knowledge when it comes to neuromuscular dentistry. While we associate a dentist with taking care of our teeth and gums, a neuromuscular dentist is a general dentist who is also focused on the occlusion (the bite) and the jaw joint (technically called the temporomandibular joint). A neuromuscular dentist, such as Dr. Matthews, can also use his knowledge about the mouth and jaw structure to diagnose patients with conditions such as TMJ disorder, a problem that often goes undetected and untreated for years.

TMJ – The Neuromuscular Dentist’s Adversary

jaw pain needs neuromuscular dentist AustinAs a neuromuscular dentist Austin, Dr. Matthews is well aware of how a problem with our oral health can easily lead to problems within other parts within the body. For example, when a patient has TMJ, Dr. Matthews knows that problems such as headaches, jaw pain, and tinnitus can arise due to malocclusion in the bite that is causing an imbalance in the jaw joint. In short, you can count on a neuromuscular dentist to take proper care and consideration of your entire health.

Your Neuromuscular Dentist, Dr. Dan Matthews

If you need a neuromuscular dentist in Austin, Dr. Matthews is your go-to professional. With years of training and experience in neuromuscular dentistry, you can rest assured that your total health is in safe hands. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Matthews just call our office at (512) 452-2273 or contact us online.

Dr. Matthews is a general dentist that can treat all of your dental needs. He has advanced training in TMJD, and can treat jaw pain, headaches and other symptoms related to TMJ alignment issues.

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