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TMJ treatment starts with a positive TMJ diagnosis. Many times patients with TMJ have suffered with the condition for months, if not years, simply because other health professionals didn’t pinpoint a problem within the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). Other times, patients have dealt with untreated TMJ simply because the symptoms they have been experienced were not enough to seek medical advice, but ignoring symptoms, such as headaches, neck pain, jaw pain, and tinnitus, is never a good idea. Patients in the Austin area should consult with Dr. Matthews to be diagnosed and treated as required. Book an appointment online now!

Types of TMJ Treatment

Before TMJ treatment Austin Texas can begin, Dr Matthews will use state-of-the-art dental technologies to properly diagnose your condition and to pinpoint the imbalance within your TMJ. To do this, Dr. Matthews uses the K7 computer which measures how hard your muscles are working when your jaw opens, closes, and rests. Dr. Matthews uses this data to analyze your occlusion and determine what changes are necessary to bring your TMJ into a balanced position.

When it comes to treating TMJ, there is no one solid answer that works for 100% of all patients. Instead, there are several different approaches that can be used to properly treat TMJ in order to balance the TMJ which then eliminates the pain and discomfort associated with the condition. It’s important that the dentist you choose is well versed in the variety of treatment options available to you. As an LVI-trained, neuromuscular dentist, Dr. Matthews has just such training and experience.

Neuromuscular Orthotic – “Bite Splint”

The type of TMJ treatment that is best for you will depend upon the unique challenges presented by each patient, but one of the most commonly used treatments for TMJ is a neuromuscular orthotic, commonly known as a “bite splint.” This appliance retrains your jaw’s muscles to relax into a proper bite. Once the muscles are retrained, some patients are able to slowly use the orthotic less, but many still use the bite splint at night time as opposed to all day.

Other TMJ Treatment Methods

Other treatment methods for treating the cause of your TMD include neuromuscular orthodontics, full mouth reconstruction, or a combination thereof. Both of these methods are generally used after the patient has worn a neuromuscular orthotic for a period of time. Dr. Matthews may also suggest co-therapy in treating your TMJ, meaning that he will work closely with your chiropractor or other medical specialist as needed.

Dr. Matthews for TMJ Treatment in Austin

Have you been diagnosed with TMJ in the past but have experienced failed TMJ treatment Austin Texas? Are you concerned about having untreated TMJ and want to be properly diagnosed and finally find relief from your symptoms? If so, come to Dr. Matthews for TMJ treatment in Austin. Living with symptoms of TMJ will become a thing of the past! You can reach our office by calling (512) 452-2273 or contact us online. You can also schedule an appointment on our website.

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