New Device May Help Eliminate Snoring Noise

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There is a reason why people call snoring, “sawing logs”. The loud grumbling, near growling, sound that comes in fits and starts is enough to leave any unfortunate partner lying awake at night, and that is just talking about the noise. Often times, if the snoring is bad enough, it can actually feel like you are being choked and may cause the snorer to fling from sleep trying to catch their breath.

People have been dealing with snoring in interesting ways, such as snore rooms. Unfortunately, this involves couples sleeping in separate rooms, which is not always desirable. With this in mind, designers have come up with a new device called Silent Partner that uses noise canceling technology to eliminate the loud, disruptive noise that comes from snoring.

How It Can Eliminate Snoring Noise

The device fits around the snorers nose using an adjustable band that accounts for varying nose shapes and sizes, and is adhered to the skin using medical grade adhesive. On both sides of the device there are small housings which store a sensor to detect snoring wave patterns. These housings also store a digital signal processor, a hearing aid battery (for power), converters, a micro USB charging port, as well as speakers. When Silent Partner detects snoring noises, the device analyses the sound waves and then creates inverse wave patterns that cancel out the noise. Developers are also planning to implement a feature in future models that will sound an alarm if the wearer stops breathing.

When Snoring Isn’t Just Snoring

This device has a lot of potential to offer some peace and quiet for couples who are dealing with snoring noise; however, it is important to realize that snoring can be an indicator of larger issues and should not be casually swept aside. Snoring is a common symptom of sleep apnea which is a potentially deadly condition that can cause pauses in breathing while sleeping and has been linked to an increased risk of heart attack, stroke, and type two diabetes. An enlarged tongue has also been linked to increased snoring, and can typically be treated through a fitted dental appliance or surgery.

If you are experiencing persistent and disruptive snoring, then you may want to consider meeting with a specialist who can help set you on a course of treatment that will leave you, and your partner, more rested at night. You do not have to simply live with snoring. If you are in the Austin area, and have any questions about snoring or sleep apnea, please give us a call at (512) 520-0606 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Dan Matthews of Dan Matthews, DDS today.

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