New Technology Uses Cells to Regrow Teeth

Genetic ResearchThe first documented trial to utilize embryonic-like stem cells from adult cells to grow human bones is underway.
This is all being conducted by the University of Michigan’s School of Dentistry and a New York biotech company, NeoStem Inc. The technology being utilized here is based around VSEL stem cells, which are embryonic-like stem cells derived from adults, not fetal tissue.

New Dental Care Innovations

This, of course, completely eliminates the ethical arguments or potential side effects derived from using stem cells taken from a fetus. Being that this research is now unencumbered by moral, ethical, or legal issues, the study can blaze a trail for any number of scientific and medical innovations for years to come.

Within the next year, the scientists and researchers hope to begin recruiting about 50 patients who need both a tooth extraction and a dental implant. Before extracting the patient’s tooth, the researchers will harvest the patient’s cells. Then, using technology patented from NeoStem Inc., they can purify those cells, isolate and extract the cells needed for bone growth.

In effect, they plan on re-growing teeth, something only dreamed of for years by science.

Amazing as this is, for at least, right now, we still have to do things the old fashioned way. So if you need an extraction or a dental implant, contact Dr. Matthews today. While we can’t regrow teeth yet, we do have all the facts on current dental implant procedures.

If you are missing a tooth, then replacing it as soon as possible is very urgent. Without something in place of your missing tooth, you leave the surrounding teeth vulnerable to an almost 30% increase of tooth loss, according to some recent studies. No matter what the cause, accidental loss or extraction due to tooth decay, be sure to address your tooth replacement needs with Dr. Matthews today to help prevent further problems.

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